Chile Santiago East Mission

Monday, August 31, 2015

This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Chile MTC:

        Hey guys sorry I've been terrible on writing a weekly email. The MTC has been pretty good for me. The Chile MTC is really small, but its awesome because on P-day we get to go out on the streets for 2 hours and do what ever we want. I was so excited to go to Subway this week.  It reminded me of home.  Then I heard a song from Maroon 5 and had to try real hard not to cry.  That also reminded me of home.
         A really great plus for this MTC is they do our laundry!  That was pretty awesome to find out when I got here because I am not real good with laundry.  
       My companion, Elder Buhler is pretty cool.  At first I was a little nervous with him because he is really shy but over these past three weeks I've really grown to love him and get along with him prettty well. He's from Springville, Utah and ran cross country in high school. The food is alright its sort of the same thing over and over but it gets me through the day so I'm okay with it.  At first the MTC was REALLY hard for me but everyday it gets better.   I was sad today when Elder Carney left the MTC.    He has been such a huge reason I made it through this far.  I love the guy!
     You feel the spirit all the time and thats really comforting.  We teach investigators that are really just our teachers acting out as  investigators.  This is really awesome because you learn a lot from it and get great practice. It's been a struggle for me because they will only speak Spanish but its okay you just have to laugh about it sometimes. Well my time is almost up I miss and love all of you. Have a great week.
Elder Carney, Elder Eyre, & Elder Buhler

 Elder Eyre. 

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in the Mexico MTC:

      This week has been pretty good!  Each week has it's ups and downs but I know I just need to keep working out here. I'm super excited to serve in my mission even though I've still got 2 more weeks in the MTC!  If I look at it in a good perspective, I realize I have been with some way close dudes for the past four 4 weeks. I will probably never get another chance to do something like this for the rest of my life.

Elder Eyre & Elder Carter

       Learning all day can be fun except I zone out a ton during class and my teachers get mad but I just have to laugh. To be honest here in the MTC I have probably laughed the hardest but also had some of the hardest experiences of my life. In the end it kind of balances out which is nice. I think a lot about how many times in my life I have played any type of sport. It seems like when I have lost I  just kept pushing harder and don't give up. Finally when you win those games they give you the biggest reward. So even though in the MTC I feel sometimes like I have lost the game, I just look back and realize the things that are most rewarding in life are the things that you worked the hardest for. That is why I will not quit. 
It's rough hit'n the books 16+ hours a day

     On a funny note every time I talk to a Latino that doesn't know much english (like maybe our teachers or the cooks)  my companion says loudly, " HEY DONT SAY THAT TO HIM"  and then the Latino that doesn't speak English thinks I said something funny to him in English and starts looking at me super weird! haha Finally I thought I would get my companion back. During dinner yesterday my companion always goes and gets more food. He went and got a Nutella sandwich. One of the guys in our district put milk in my companion's cereal and ate some and then dumped the milk out but kept the cereal in the bowl and when he came back and was putting milk in his cereal he was like, "Dude why are my Frosted Flakes soggy!" and we just died laughing!! Then he left again to go get some more stuff and I put hot sauce inside his Nutella sandwich and he came back and took a huge bite of it. He spit it out SO fast! I laughed way hard again! Man it was SO funny! After he was kinda mad so I felt a little bad. 

    I feel like every week I need to work on having the spirit with me. I realize when I look back on some of the things in my life where I really needed some comfort or was having a hard time I can see that the spirit really did help me. I just think I have to continue being knocked down to be able to get back up and be stronger. I know that as I go through out  my mission I will have experiences that maybe I will be able to look back and say the spirit really did help me and this will help my testimony grow even stronger. 
Mexico City Temple with the ViƱa del Mar Elders

    This week we talked our teachers into letting us listen to the song "Glorious" by David Archileta. Its a pretty good song for the mission!  The video in the song has sections from the movie Meet the Mormons. As I watched the music video, I cried a little because I saw little clips of Utah and I just love Utah. You can tell how happy the people are in Meet the Mormons and most Mormons are just happy! One reason they are happy is because they understand that we can be with our families forever. I  just love that and I cant wait to tell people that they can be with their families forever. I can't wait to see their faces light up and have them feel the spirit. I hope everyone is having a good week!

Elder Eyre

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week 3

This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Santiago Chile MTC:

     Hey guys. Sorry I've been terrible on writing a weekly email.

     The MTC has been pretty good for me.  The MTC is really small down here, but its great because on P day we get to go out on the streets and do really what ever we want. A really great plus for this MTC is they do your laundry so that was pretty awesome to find out when I got here.

     My companion Elder Buhler is pretty cool. At first I was a little nervous with him because he is really shy, but over these past three weeks I have really grown to like him and get along with him pretty well. He is from Springville, Utah and ran cross country in high school.

     The food is alright down here its sort of the same thing everyday but its gets me through the day so I'm okay with it.  At first the MTC was really hard for me but everyday it gets better. You feel the spirit everyday and that is really comforting.  We teach investigators that are teachers acting as investigators, which is really awesome because you learn a lot from it. Haha its sort of a struggle for me because they will only speak Spanish, but its okay you just have to laugh about it sometimes. Well my time is almost up I miss and love all of you! Have a great week.

Elder Eyre

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in the Mexico City MTC:

     This week has been a pretty cool.  I had a lot of firsts - like first time getting sick. Turns out Mexicans put a lot of germs in their food. My companion also got sick so I gave him my first blessing. Haha I really need to memorize how to give a blessing because I needed help like every 3 words at the beginning of the blessing.

      I got to go out of the huge MTC box that we are in. We went to the Mexico City temple and that was awesome to be there, I loved it so much. The temple to me is kinda like my home back in Draper. It makes me feel good because it is so peaceful and just a lot of love is in there. I really like that it is also just like my home so I love the temple so much.

    There were also a lot of funny things that happened hahahaha. So we do one hour a day of Spanish studying on the computers and its really hard not to email my fam during this time haha. Anyway, were working on the computers and we had been doing it for like 30 minutes, and then 3 girls came and sat by me. They started to study and then there is this one kinda nerdy kid in my district named Elder Durling he is so funny. I love him with all my heart hahaha. So I'm just sitting there, and then all the sudden I hear Elder Eyre whispered to me, and I turn around and Elder Durling has his note book opened to the page that said SLAY IT!!! Hahaha so it was way hilarious. I look around and my teacher that was right next to me looked turned around also and so she also saw the page saying SLAY IT!! She just was like "Durling get back to your seat."  It was just soo funny I laughed sooo hard. If you knew who this Durling kid is you would laugh your head off too! Maybe things are just more funny because I'm a missionary and the jokes are not as good ha.

     My Spanish is getting better. I am kind of able to share my feeling during a lesson. I know the investigators are using super simple Spanish, so my Spanish probably isn't making any sense to the person I am speaking to. Haha but its all good. I will walk it off. I feel like my Spanish improves a little each week and this just makes me happy. I love it a lot.

    Something that really made my week, was yesterday my companion and I were fasting. I decided I wanted to fast because I feel like my testimony isn't strong enough. I want to be able to be in front of people and bare testimony that i truly know this church is true. We were fasting a full 24 hours, and the fast ended once dinner hit. So at 6:00 I got a letter that I had a package, so I went and picked it up. It ended up being some way good donuts and ear plugs! People in my casa snore louder than a gun shot. I'm surprised it doesn't wake up people in casas that are around ours haha. It was just so cool that while I was fasting I got donuts. It made me happy to know people back home were thinking about me!!! That was definitely something that comforted me. I love packages so much unless they are filled with healthy stuff. Even though I'm loosing weight in the MTC doesn't mean I want healthy chips that taste like air haha. Mexican stuff just isn't up to the American standards!! Either way I love it so much!!

     I heard a quote that really touched my heart this week. I don't have the quote written down, but it meant a lot to me. I think it said something along the lines of "there are feet to be steady, hands to be held and lives to be saved, are you doing all you can?" There were a few extra lines in the quote, but one of the reasons I am here is because my Dad told me that there are people somewhere in the world that need my help and I'm the only one that can get in their house. After seeing this quote it just made me think I need to work hard because there really are people that want to know what will happen to their lives after we all die. Or maybe they feel they're missing a little something in their lives and maybe those people will only let me in their house. I need to study harder so I can be prepared for those situations. I hope life is good in Draper its a great place. Love you all gotta go.

Elder Eyre

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 2

This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Santiago Chile MTC:

Colby and His Companion

Colby's Freshly Buzzed Head

  • He went to the Santiago temple this week
  • He misses Colin a ton and wishes they could be companions
  • This week was much better!
  • His favorite part of the day is running to the park and playing soccer
  • He leaves the Chile MTC for 2 hours on his Pday
  • He went to McDonald's

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in the Mexico City MTC:

      This week has been a lot better than last week, but still full of a lot of trials. I just need to understand that for me to be a good missionary, I need to be knocked down a little bit so I can get up and be stronger!

     This week has had a lot of laughs. To be honest, I try to work hard... but no way am I going to stay focused for like the 16 hours of the day that we are supposed to be working. Yesterday some people in my district (including me) were doing some service by cleaning off these mats in the cafeteria. We were spraying them down, and then all the sudden my companion rips of his shirt and starts running! It was so funny. I guess he had felt something pinching him, and he lifted up his shirt and a huge spider was biting him. Haha so freaky! Like I would have cried if it was me. There was a Latino worker right next to us on the phone, and he has no clue what was going on. My companion was just running around with his shirt off.

Colin and His Homies
Elder Miller, Elder Whimpy, Elder Desantes

     We have also playing a lot of sports. I can't really ball out any more, but we play speed revenge and its always way fun. It sucks that right when we are done playing we still have to go study for like a solid 5 or 6 more hours... but its all good and stuff. Today has been fun because we just get to chill. There is a huge fence surrounding the whole 92 acres that the MTC is on, so no bad homies can get in. I have always wondered what the other side looks like, because all I can see are the tops of  houses. I said to my companion- dude lets climb the fence. It was trippy because they say that they watch the fence all day with cameras, and I didn't want to get in trouble. There were just Latino MTC workers looking at us, but we did it anyway. I wonder what the people outside the fence thought when 2 guys were just looking over the fence. They probably think were locked in here, but in reality we kinda are haha rough life.

Colin and His Companion Elder Miller Climbing The Fence

     On a serious note we have watched a lot of videos on being converted to the church, and not just having a testimony. I really need to do this, because when I'm sitting in front of a real investigator, I need to have 100% faith that its true. That way I can look them in the eye and bare my testimony, and let the spirit work though me to convert the person. It's actually really hard.

     Earlier this week we were sitting in a room with our zone (haha still weird I'm the zone leader with my companion). This kid from Timpview (Elder Gergory) said that his bishop asked him a question before he left. The question was, how do you think the church is still running when we have a bunch of 18 year old´s trying to bare their testimony's? A lot of them barely even know the language that there speaking. If you think about it the church would have been gone a long time ago if it wasn't true, because the kids would have just ruined it. It is still running because its not the kids teaching its the spirit. This really touched my heart because when I thought about it, it totally made sense to me. Like really the church would not be running if it wasn't the spirit teaching.

     I want to shout out my parents for sending me packages! The Gatorade is on point! I love them, and all the other weird stuff in the packages make me laugh. I miss everyone so much and I always appreciate the emails, they make my day. Tuesdays are the bomb. Thanks for the prayers I can feel them and it comforts me.

Love, Elder Eyre

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 1

This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Santiago Chile MTC: 

     Well I had my first week out in the MTC. Its definitely one of the one of the hardest things that I've ever done, but its all good.  I have a lot of fun down here and I feel the spirit all the time.

   Haha, the first thing that happened to me when I got to the MTC was the president told me I had to get a hair cut. They took me into a room and they shaved my head. That was really fun.

     I don't have a whole lot of time to email today, but I love all of you and I know that the church is true.  Have a good week!

Love Elder Eyre

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in the Mexico City MTC:

     This week has been really cool but also really hard. The first day I got here I was called to be a zone leader, which is crazy because normally they call someone with more experience but I have like none haha. Zone leaders are in charge of a whole zone which is like 40 missionaries. I just have to check up on everyone every once in a while, and when new missionaries come in I go out and make sure their doing okay. I also make sure that everyone is getting along within their districts. But, to be honest I do not know how I can go out and help every one when I am having a really rough time with home sickness and totally changing what I am doing every day.

     I am used to hanging out  with all of my friends all of the time and not really caring about other people. Now I have to lose myself in the service of others which is actually an incredibly hard thing to do. Every time I pray, which is a lot,  I can't only be praying that I will be happy all of the time, but pray for the people that I will be teaching. I also need to pray that the language I am learning will come to me so that I will be able to teach the people of Chile in their language. Its also hard, because I'm used to time flying by but to be honest time here goes by really slow.

     My companion and I are bros, but its really hard because he is definitely getting the language much better than I am.  I know you're not supposed to grade yourself on someone else's success, but it is hard not to. We were teaching a lesson to a fake investigator and my companion was really the only reason the lesson kept going. After I could tell that my companion was upset that the lesson didn't go well, so that is a really hard thing to deal with. The language is really hard for me to learn even though its been a week, I still feel like I do not know much. I get frustrated with not knowing the language.

     Every day seems to get a little bit better here though. It seems like the times that I get home sick get less and less and that makes a huge impact on my day. I just need to learn how to work, and I know everything will end up being okay.

     A tender mercy did happen on Saturday. I was in one of the chapels getting taught about new missionaries, and I was feeling very home sick. I started pleading with God that things would get better. I opened my eyes, and one of the Mexican dudes pulls out a Mexican lolly pop and like kinda shows it to me. Then he just walked over and hands it to me out of like 50 other missionaries that I am sitting right next to. Even though that didn't take away all of my home sickness, I knew that I was being watched over. I am learning that God works in mysterious ways.

     I feel like I am getting knocked down so I will be a stronger worker later in life and truly be grateful for god.  I have also learned I need the spirit through out my day so that he can comfort me. I really miss my family they mean everything to me. I cry thinking about them, but thats okay I guess that why I'm here, to help other families be together forever just like mine.

     I also miss my friends muy grande. I need more pictures of them, having pictures is the best. I keep my family picture in my church shirt pocket at all times and it gives me comfort. I also miss my bro Colby more than ever. He told me he points at the Vine del Mar mission all the time and says his other half is there. That breaks my heart he means the world to me almost as much as my parents do. I always think about watching him walk away from us at the airport and thats a hard thought.

     Life is good here even though its very hard every day but I know every day will get better and my friends here are the best. I love you all talk to ya later.

Love, Elder Eyre