Chile Santiago East Mission

Sunday, January 22, 2017


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Solid week here in Chile!

We had a baptism so that was awesome.  The girl that was baptized was Marie Jose and it was cool to see the desires she has to follow Christ.  Marie was sooo scared before the baptism and she also has hard core anxiety attacks and so we were really worried that she wasn't going to be able to follow through with it.  I definitely saw the hand of the Lord with her before she was baptized because the messages given before she was baptized were very spiritual.  Then is was so cool after the baptism she whispered to me that when she gets older she wants to be a missionary too.  I know that the Lord blesses people and he really helped her:)

I'm good in Chile and I hope all is well in the USA.  Love ya guys a ton peace out:)

Elder Colin Eyre

Colby did not have time to write this week :(. 


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty good!  Yesterday was fun because this elder in my zone had his birthday so Saturday we got him a cake and Sunday we went to his house and surprised him and gave him the cake so that was pretty awesome!

This past week we have been helping a girl prepare for baptism and it's been pretty fun.  We are working really hard and we hope all will come out well for this Saturday cuz thats when she has her baptismal date!

It's been a bit of an adjustment changing sectors.  I sure did love Salamanca and the people there.   I know that the Lord is preparing people to be baptized in many different areas and we just gotta find them:)  I hope everyone is good in utah and enjoying the storms:)

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys I miss you all so much especially all the snow back home.  It's been a year and a half since I've been able to throw a snowball haha!  I have had a pretty good week, the only crappy  part was last Thursday we had to go to downtown Santiago so my companion could get his Visa and man I have never waited in such long lines!  We got there at 9:30am and didn't leave until 3:30pm.  Yes we stood in a line that entire time - SO boring!! 

On the bright side we had an investigator and her family that are less active come to church for the first time on Sunday.  It was so awesome to see how happy they were to be back at church and see how much they loved it!  It was really awesome to see the difference going to church can make on someone.  Before my mission I didn't always love going but now I can see the blessings that come from going to church and the importance of taking the Sacrament each week!

I love you all back home and I hope you guys have an amazing week.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty good.  We had changes and I was really sad to leave Salamanca.  The people here have been just so nice and love the gospel.  I have also had such a great time with my bro comp Elder Arias.

It's been a while but I am back close to ViƱa now in a place called Villa Allemana and its pretty cool.  My new companion is se llama Elder Cheney and he is from North Carolina.  We have been working really hard here so we can get some baptisms.  The ward I am in is super big and so its going to be hard to learn everyones names but I'll work on it!

The other exciting thing is I will be seeing Elder Salazar at least once a month now at Zone leader meetings so that has been awesome!

New Year's Eve was pretty cool, a family invited us over for dinner which was really nice.  The members are always so nice to the missionaries and I am so grateful for that.

A favorite scripture of mine is John 14:6  "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  - that's pretty cool!

I hope every one had a Happy New Year and can enjoy their lives.   Love you guys a ton.

Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week was really awesome!  My comp and I had dinner this past week with a lady in our ward that is retired and she spends a lot of time in the temple.  After dinner we shared with her and her family some cool videos the church puts out on the life of the Savior.  After she said she had a story she wanted to share with us.

She tells us that this past week when she was working in the temple a group came by bus that had traveled ten hours to Santiago just to go to the temple.  One of the members on the bus was invalid or in other words couldn't walk.  He really wanted to do baptisms for the dead but he never has had the chance because he can't walk.  When he got to the temple he asked to speak to the temple president.  After speaking to the president he was given permission to have two men help him down into the font so he could do baptisms.  Then she said after they had done the baptisms with the youth this man just walked out of the font on his own two feet without any complications!

I know that miracles really do exist today and that we can always find them if we open our eyes to see them.  When this sister was telling the story I could feel the spirit testifying to me that the church is true and that God loves each and everyone of his children.

I love all you guys back home and I hope that you guys enjoy all the snow - it's hot here!

Elder Colby Eyre


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

It was a good week for Christmas here in Chile.  It was awesome being able to call my family!  It's nuts to think I have been out 18 months.  I still have a lot of work to do so no one email saying I'm almost done!  I was thinking how much I really have changed.  Sometimes its hard to see the change but during the Skype with the fam I really could see that maybe I have changed a little bit and it just made me so happy!  I just remember last Christmas all I wanted was to do was be with my family and open presents but this Christmas I didn't really care.  It was so weird I just didnt even think about opening presents and it was awesome and I could see how the Lord has changed me and I'm so grateful!!!  I loved seeing the family and knowing that everyone is good! I love each and everyone of them!

This week was awesome we have been teaching a huge family from Peru.  They are so cool and loving.  I was able to baptize a little guy named Joel.  He is awesome and loves being with us.  I know he will be a good future missionary!  It was fun being able to baptize him except I screwed and had to do it twice.  I didn't really get embarrassed I just laughed whoops and got it perfect the second time.  It is funny now his mom does a ton of jokes with me about it and says I can't baptize her because I screwed up - so ruthless but she was joking haha!

Anyways the work is progressing here in Salamanca and we have changes this week so I probably will change sectors but all is well and I'm happy to be here.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year:)

Peace out ELder CoLin eYRE

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Christmas was awesome this year.  I missed all my friends and fam back home but I could really feel the love from everyone here.  We started out with the "Noche Buena" of Christmas eve.  Here in Chile the Noche Buena is more important than Christmas Day.  We also had a baptism Christmas Eve day which was the best.  Later this awesome family in our ward invited us over to have dinner with them which was super nice.  They have a son that served a mission in London  and has been home 6 months.  It was really fun talking to him.  Just before we were leaving to go home they gave us each a gift of some nice cologne.  I just loved it!  Last year we didn't get anything from any members. Haha!  I was so happy and surprised so that was a great start to Christmas.

Christmas Day my comp and I made a ton of cookies with M&Ms in them and it was super awesome  because after we went out and just gave them to all of our investigators.  It was fun to see how happy it made everyone to get some Greengo cookies.

Thanks everyone back home for supporting me out here on the mission you guys really mean the world to me.  I hope that everyone had a super Christmas!   Enjoy all the snow back home, and have an amazing week.

Elder Colby Eyre