Chile Santiago East Mission

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was kinda crazy with all the soccer games going on Chile.  Everyone just goes nutz for this stuff!  It's pretty fun because the next day thats all they talk about.

On my mission I love to see all the miracles that happen every day.  I remember back almost a year ago at the beginning of my mission I hated sundays it was like the worst and such a long day.  I wanted to be home in my own ward and after play games with my family and also get the grilled cheese sandwich my dad always makes right when we got home!  Then when I got out of the MTC and got to Chile I just got hammered with people speaking a total different language even a little different than what we learned in the MTC.  Sunday's I just sat in church and had no idea what was being said.  I had no idea and it was just SO hard.  People would tell me to be tranquilo but I didn't even understand what tranquilo meant,  haha it means chill!  Today I realized that I LOVE Sundays!   I love having the opportunity to be with so many members and just enjoy the blessings of the church!!!

I know the words of the prophets are true in the Book of Mormon.  I truly believe that when the scriptures say that through Christ our week things will become our strongest. I know this because of my experiences out her on the mish!

Have a great week!
Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week has been awesome but a little sad. My last comp, Elder Ries is living the Cali life back home with his family.  He finished his mission and left yesterday so that makes you think a little bit about home but its all good.   Elder Ries and I had a lot of really great times together and taught many great lessons!

My new comp is Elder Martinez from Columbia.  He is pretty cool, the only thing is he has me beat on the age, he's 25 yet I am the senior companion.  He really is awesome and I'm excited to work with him.

We also had to move today because we had four elders in our pension and there was an empty one.  We had to move to the empty one and so now we live in Pirque but are a good hour and a half bus ride to our sector.

I'm excited for this next week and the chance I get everyday to share this gospel!  I know how much the gospel can bless our lives and I'm so thankful that I can serve a mission. I hope everyone has a great week sorry I've got a lame computer and it wont let me send pictures!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week we had a ton of meetings so that was pretty fun.  We also had interchanges and in one I was with a new elder from Peru.  It is funny because his Spanish is so different than the Chilean Spanish!  It was funny to listen to him speak and then he wanted me to help him with his English!  He was asking me SO many questions and wanted me to answer in English.  We had a good time!

We really haven't had much success this past week.  I'm sure it's because of the freakin Copa America which is on right now.  Everyone is glued to their TV's when the game is on and no one will leave their homes.  It gets pretty crazy!

Thanks for all the prayers.  I have definitely received help on my mission from Heavenly Father.  I know a lot of that help comes from all your prayers from home.  Don't stop praying!

Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week has been pretty awesome!  We have been able to bring members with us on our contacts which always makes the lessons better.  We have been working hard!  Sometimes contacting can be pretty boring but fun at the same time because you see a lot of funny things.   We were in the rich area of our sector this past week.  Contacting the rich can be hard because their homes are like a mile away from their fence haha, so its hard to talk to them.  Everyone deserves to have their chance to hear the gospel so we do it anyway!   After contacting for like 2 hours we went to go eat lunch in a grocery store.  As we were waiting for our food this lady came up to us and started talking in a real quiet voice.  She said she has been less active and that she and her husband who isn't a member have been reading the Book of Mormon every night.  Then she explained to us that she would love if we could "happen" to be at this ladies house, who is a member in our sector on the same night that she and her husband would be there.  She said she would love for the missionaries to meet her husband in a casual way.  It was so awsome to think how the Lord put us in this ladies path at just the right time.  We haven't had the chance to make a day when we can make this "happen" yet but we plan to this coming week!

I know that the Lord has a plan for every thing and the fact that he helped us to be eating lunch at that right moment I know is not by coincidence.  I know that the Holy Ghost guided us to her.  I know that our Father in heaven loves each and every one of us and wants the best for us.  He put the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth to help us and guide us back to him. I love all you guys back home have a great week!

Elder Colby Eyre

Sunday, June 12, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty good! I had a family I'm working with go to church. It was so sweet but way stressful to make sure they were all okay in their classes. They have 2 little girls and one came crying out of Primary. I think she was a little scared, but I cant blame her,  I felt the same way when I went to Primary haha. The family is way sweet, but the mom and dad are not married. Its hard to get people to marry in Chile but its all good.

We also have anonther investigator that is pretty sweet. He is huge and tells the longest stories that are the worst. He also tells us really weird dreams, but it is so funny that its hard not to laugh haha. Yesterday we went to his house and he had cake and told us it was for his birthday. They had already eatin like half of it and his birhtday is the 13 of June. I was like "Its not even your birthday," and he was just like "ya but its my birthday month." It was so funny, I  actually laughed out loud! It reminded me of my sisters when they would say it was their birthday week.

I'm going be with Elder Pan for another change which is pretty cool me gusto los EspaƱoles mas o menos. They kinda smell but its good! All is well here. I love reading about Jesus Christ and trying to be more like him. Its hard to develop Christ like attributes, but the more knowledge I gain of him the happier I am:)

Elder Eye

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys! This week has been pretty good!! The members that are in my branch are really so cool and strong in the church. Its so awesome because a lot of members in the ward want to help us with the work. They are actually willing to come with us and go visit people which is so awesome. It makes such a huge diffrence when members can be in lessons with us.

This week we had an investigator come to church with us. His name is Carlos, and man he is so awesome. He is from the south of Chile, and the people from there love food and love to give it to people haha. The last lesson he made a huge thing of chilean bread for us.  Its way good. (look up some pics of Chilean bread haha)  He had us eat like the whole thing, it tasted so good, but hurt my stomach.

The mission is awesome. It really makes me so happy when I see people change for the gospel and become more happy. I know that the gospel is true and it blesses so many peoples' lives if they can accept it!! Im so happy that i can recive the blessing of the gospel in my life, and i know that families can be forever!! I love all of you have a great week!

Elder Eyre

Sunday, June 5, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

We had some good stuff this week!  We were able to go on splits this week and one was with my friend, Elder Jenson.  I love being with him because we have a lot in common and its always super spiritual.  We went to teach Daniel who has been close to baptism.  We had a great lesson but another problem is his Grandpa is Catholic and doesn't want him baptized, "Mormona."  It is crazy to think that two kids from the states who ten months ago knew nothing about Spanish are now teaching the people and loving it!

I also had a change with a kid that is from New York but his family lives in DRAPER UTAH right now!  He actually ended his mission today and I sent him on a mission to give a card to my family haha so hope that goes well!

There is also a lady that was way inactive and we actually saw her drinking in the streets a few months ago.  We have been working with her and now she is coming to church every week which is way cool.  It's awesome to see her have a change of heart and she just tells us she is so much happier, I love it.

The gospel really can work miracles in people's lives!  I'm so greatful for it in my life.  I know my family has received a ton of blessings from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love  it so much and am grateful for the opportunity to be here in Chile. It is still hard sometimes but I am learning so much everyday and becoming a better person because of my mission :). I love you guys a ton have a happy summer because I will be back for the next one!!

Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hola Familia!  This week was pretty good.  We have been working hard and are seeing the hand of the Lord in his work.

Saturday I got to go back to my old ward and area to see Ivory be baptized.  It was so awesome and everyone from the ward was there to support him.  The best part was seeing just how happy Ivory was.

It's crazy to see how happy this gospel can make a fourteen year old kid.  I love to see the blessings and happiness the gospel can bring into our lives.

I know that the church is true.  In D&C 88:63 it says, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you."  If we come unto Christ he will come unto us and we will receive so many blessings and so much happiness.

I love all you guys so much and hope you have a great week!
Elder Colby Eyre

PS.  I went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch today.  It was so good and I had an all American cheeseburger!  #ILOVEAMERICANFOOD