Chile Santiago East Mission

Monday, August 31, 2015

This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Chile MTC:

        Hey guys sorry I've been terrible on writing a weekly email. The MTC has been pretty good for me. The Chile MTC is really small, but its awesome because on P-day we get to go out on the streets for 2 hours and do what ever we want. I was so excited to go to Subway this week.  It reminded me of home.  Then I heard a song from Maroon 5 and had to try real hard not to cry.  That also reminded me of home.
         A really great plus for this MTC is they do our laundry!  That was pretty awesome to find out when I got here because I am not real good with laundry.  
       My companion, Elder Buhler is pretty cool.  At first I was a little nervous with him because he is really shy but over these past three weeks I've really grown to love him and get along with him prettty well. He's from Springville, Utah and ran cross country in high school. The food is alright its sort of the same thing over and over but it gets me through the day so I'm okay with it.  At first the MTC was REALLY hard for me but everyday it gets better.   I was sad today when Elder Carney left the MTC.    He has been such a huge reason I made it through this far.  I love the guy!
     You feel the spirit all the time and thats really comforting.  We teach investigators that are really just our teachers acting out as  investigators.  This is really awesome because you learn a lot from it and get great practice. It's been a struggle for me because they will only speak Spanish but its okay you just have to laugh about it sometimes. Well my time is almost up I miss and love all of you. Have a great week.
Elder Carney, Elder Eyre, & Elder Buhler

 Elder Eyre. 

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in the Mexico MTC:

      This week has been pretty good!  Each week has it's ups and downs but I know I just need to keep working out here. I'm super excited to serve in my mission even though I've still got 2 more weeks in the MTC!  If I look at it in a good perspective, I realize I have been with some way close dudes for the past four 4 weeks. I will probably never get another chance to do something like this for the rest of my life.

Elder Eyre & Elder Carter

       Learning all day can be fun except I zone out a ton during class and my teachers get mad but I just have to laugh. To be honest here in the MTC I have probably laughed the hardest but also had some of the hardest experiences of my life. In the end it kind of balances out which is nice. I think a lot about how many times in my life I have played any type of sport. It seems like when I have lost I  just kept pushing harder and don't give up. Finally when you win those games they give you the biggest reward. So even though in the MTC I feel sometimes like I have lost the game, I just look back and realize the things that are most rewarding in life are the things that you worked the hardest for. That is why I will not quit. 
It's rough hit'n the books 16+ hours a day

     On a funny note every time I talk to a Latino that doesn't know much english (like maybe our teachers or the cooks)  my companion says loudly, " HEY DONT SAY THAT TO HIM"  and then the Latino that doesn't speak English thinks I said something funny to him in English and starts looking at me super weird! haha Finally I thought I would get my companion back. During dinner yesterday my companion always goes and gets more food. He went and got a Nutella sandwich. One of the guys in our district put milk in my companion's cereal and ate some and then dumped the milk out but kept the cereal in the bowl and when he came back and was putting milk in his cereal he was like, "Dude why are my Frosted Flakes soggy!" and we just died laughing!! Then he left again to go get some more stuff and I put hot sauce inside his Nutella sandwich and he came back and took a huge bite of it. He spit it out SO fast! I laughed way hard again! Man it was SO funny! After he was kinda mad so I felt a little bad. 

    I feel like every week I need to work on having the spirit with me. I realize when I look back on some of the things in my life where I really needed some comfort or was having a hard time I can see that the spirit really did help me. I just think I have to continue being knocked down to be able to get back up and be stronger. I know that as I go through out  my mission I will have experiences that maybe I will be able to look back and say the spirit really did help me and this will help my testimony grow even stronger. 
Mexico City Temple with the Viña del Mar Elders

    This week we talked our teachers into letting us listen to the song "Glorious" by David Archileta. Its a pretty good song for the mission!  The video in the song has sections from the movie Meet the Mormons. As I watched the music video, I cried a little because I saw little clips of Utah and I just love Utah. You can tell how happy the people are in Meet the Mormons and most Mormons are just happy! One reason they are happy is because they understand that we can be with our families forever. I  just love that and I cant wait to tell people that they can be with their families forever. I can't wait to see their faces light up and have them feel the spirit. I hope everyone is having a good week!

Elder Eyre

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