Chile Santiago East Mission

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Santiago Chile MTC:

     Hey guys this week has been pretty good. It's had ups and downs but mostly ups which I'm grateful for.  I miss all you guys and love you all so much.

     So on Sundays all the missionaries need to come prepared with a a five minute talk (yes in Spanish) you can get called on to give it at anytime.  Well, sure enough I got called on to give a talk. Sunday in front of the entire MTC. That was pretty crazy and it was in Spanish so I don't know if I made much sense. I got a good laugh from everyone a few times and I loved that.  That was definitely the highlight of the week for sure.

     It is really awesome feeling the spirit so strong but at the same time it is also a lot of really hard work. I go out to my mission next week so I am really pumped about that. Everyone says its way better in the field so I am really looking forward to that.  I love all you.  Have a good week!


Elder Eyre

 Elder Zach Rusick from Colby's Aunt and Uncle's ward from Irvine, California 

This week from Elder Colin in the Mexico City MTC:

     This week has been crazy it's my last week in the CCM which is the best news of my life!!!! The experiences I have had here are very good and my faith has been tried only so that I can gain a greater testimony of this gospel! I am coming to understand it doesn't come all at once and it will get better and better over time. (2 Nephi 28:30)!

     I got a hair cut this week and now I look like a mole rat just like my Bro, Colby! I guess what comes around goes around. Its all good I'm just going to have to walk this one off! When you get a hair cut they don't even ask you want you want. Then suddenly all these razors are all over my head and now my hair looks exactly like Colby's haha but I know it will grow back. Then after the traumatic cut they make you clean up the hair! I had a ton of hair!!!

   This week Elder Christopherson came and spoke to us. I was really close to him it was kind of surreal. He gave a great talk.  The spirit was SO strong.  Then on Sunday this guys gave a talk and at first I was like man this isn't going to be good.   It ended up being the best talk I have heard in all of my time in the MTC.   He shared strong powerful stories and then joked around and it kept me wide awake, which is rare! He also shared a video on learning a new language and it was really cool it talked about these guys learning Turkish and how they worked so hard and were able to teach the language and open up a new area! I know if I try with all my heart to do what I can to learn the language and be the best I can as a missionary I will be able to teach with the power of God. I will be able to have a successful mission. That is what this guy taught me.  He also served his mission in Chile. I talked to him after he was super cool and just young and full of energy. He grew up in Orem, Utah!

     Well, the next time I write will be from Chile, Vina del Mar! The mexico MTC was a good experience but I can't wait to change peoples lives in Chile!

Love you all,

Elder Eyre

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