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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


This week from Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago:

Hey guys Elder Eyre is back!  

The first few days after leaving the Chile MTC we stayed in the mission home.  I love my mission president.  He and his wife are from California.  As soon as I got there I was able to meet with him.  He asked me all about my family, which I loved talking about.  I feel like I can tell him anything he is awesome.  I also told him my twin brother is serving in Viña del Mar and asked if maybe we could be companions on our last transfer.  He said that would be really cool.  I don't know if that will really happen but he said when it gets closer he will call Colin's mission president, that made me really pumped!

My companion Elder Collins is from San Diego, California.  The crazy thing is he is also a twin, his twin is serving in Ecuador so thats pretty cool.  He has only been out for 5 months so I guess we're both a little new at this. All is good I'm learning a lot and the people down here are really nice. If you try, almost anyone will tell you their life story. It's funny because I can usually break the ice with people but once they start talking (in Spanish) about their life I totally lose concentration because I can't understand them.   It's fine my Spanish is getting better everyday and I have faith eventually I will be able to speak clearly. 

One cool experience this week was getting to take part in my first blessing.  I only got to do the anointing for the blessing.   My companion gave the blessing but it was pretty cool. I'm in more of a humble area of Chile but that makes me really happy because thats what I was hoping for.  A  few nights ago an old drunk guy came up to us and took my hand then touched it with his head.  I have no clue why but it was good because we got his address and now we can go to visit him.  I know he was drunk and all but he said we could come by and visit so it was worth the weird moment!  

Everything is good here in Chile.  I am so happy to be out of the MTC. I love all of you have a good week.
Elder Colby Eyre

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar:

This week has been crazy.  I got a companion that speaks NO ENGLISH his name is Elder Diaz and he is from Argentina.   It is okay I just keep hitting the language hard and I am starting to speak a lot more Spanish.  I also will say that I  am nowhere near fluent.  

 I arrived in Viña del Mar on Tuesday night. We spent two days with the mission president and then we left for our areas.  I am just ten minutes away from Viña del Mar but I learned our mission can go as far north seven hours drive time.  The area I am in is super poor which is hard to get used to.  It also has lots of hills.  I feel like I am hiking up Suncrest a few times a day!  I think I walk at least ten miles a day.  My knee, surprisingly has not gotten swollen and is holding up so that is great.  My area is much bigger than I originally thought.  I sure hope I am able to see Chandler soon.  

This past week has been super rough.  We have just been preaching and teaching in shacks all day.  This is just 
something I have to get used too.  Then the language,  WOW  its rough!  I  already got some kid to say yes to baptism his name is Anthony,  just like my best bro back home, haha first thing I told him was one of my best friends name is Anthony!    People have American names here but when they say the name in Spanish it sounds nothing like the American way.   We went on splits with the Zone Leaders and I was in a place called Concon it is a pretty rich area like America.  We ate lunch in a super nice apartment so that was cool.  Now my apartment, not so cool, its  kinda crappy but its okay.  It does have a real sick view of Viña del Mar! 

The food is good, its chicken and rice. They eat like 70 percent of their food during lunch which is a change haha!  The people are so nice here every time you go into a members house they give you bread and lemonade.  Its actually pretty good!  

Yesterday was definatly the hardest day.  I spoke in church to just  introduce myself.  That wasn't bad at all but then I  just got time to think about everything I am going through and I just suffered, like tons.  I began pleading for help and then I realized the mission is not for me to feel tons of happiness but for others to feel happiness.  I came to the conclusion that I just need to keep pushing through and when I see other people have tons of happiness I will receive it too!  That will be a great day! 

The nights here are super cold I am going to go get a sweater and a rain coat.  We are  supposed to be in the rainy season but I guess they're in a drought so I haven't  seen any rain yet.   I sure don't want to get caught in a storm without   a coat!  

Well I gotta go, I love everyone and thanks for the prayers they really help me.  I know that I am being tried so my testimony can grow.   I know the Lord will help me at the perfect time, which is when I'm  wanting to go home hahaha.   Está bien!
Love you guys,

Elder Eyre

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