Chile Santiago East Mission

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This week from Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey Guys.

This week has been pretty crazy!  I survived my first earthquake.  The earthquake was something else!  My companion and I were walking in the street when suddenly my feet started to move from underneath me.  It was the weirdest feeling. The next thing I know a lady who was obviously scared latched onto my companion, it was pretty funny!  At the time we were walking to a less active members house for a lesson.  It was fun because everyone wanted to talk to us to ask if it was the "white kids" first earthquake.  They made sure to tell us that Chile gets them all the time and that they aren't scared of them at all haha! It did make for some good conversation with everyone. 

I didn't know until this week that it was Chiles 4th of July!  It was crazy I've never eaten so much food in my life.  I seriously think I gained a solid ten pounds in one day. Another first was sewing on a button this week.  I've never done that before, Mom you would be proud!  

On a serious note, I'm slowly finding so much happiness in the gospel and especially with The Book of Mormon.  Studying it has somehow become one of my favorite parts of the day.  I LOVE to read it and I love building my knowledge on it.  I know that the church is true because it is, haha!  Hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Colby Eyre

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in Chile Vina del Mar:

Holy smokes this week has been crazy!   So many things happened like I felt my first earthquake that was kinda scary.  I really wasn't too worried because at the time it happened I was at the old bishop's house in the ward I am serving in.  He speaks a little bit of English so that was very helpful.   I love him a ton.  He told me, " I might be old but I'm a real cool guy."  haha so funny. The members of the ward are really nice.  It is still extremely hard though because my Spanish still stinks. For example the people here are super nice but when you're teaching a family and a little girl is talking to you in Spanish (really fast) and you have no clue what she is saying it can be hard!  She was the cutest little girl and I knew she was trying to tell me all about her doll.  I wanted so badly to talk to her about that doll but all I could say to her was,"Sí Sí!"  It was pretty funny.

This week I also got really sick haha. September 18th is like our 4th of July.  There was a ton of food and something I ate got me sick.  Let's just say several times I have found myself running for the nearest bathroom!!  I havent felt the same since but other than that all is well.

I definately  pray A LOT.  Things are still really hard and I know it will just take time getting used to all this new mission stuff. My companion, Elder Diaz,  is good but sometimes I get frustrated because I just cant express myself.  I don't want to get mad at him so instead I go into deep prayer!  hahah I am going to keep pushing through this hard time in my life there is not a reason to quit when my bro is doing the same thing as me.  One funny thing is they play a lot of American music over here.  I just love that little piece of home.  When I hear it I just start  bumping and moving haha!  

I really am trying my best but this is a huge change for me.  I went from the best years of my life to the biggest challenge of my life.  I know it will help me and those I teach for eternity.   I will be able to help others and thats awesome!  I just keep trying and I hope it gets better soon.

Thanks for all the prayers I love them and I need them.

I  love everyone so much.

Elder Colin Eyre

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