Chile Santiago East Mission

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys I hope everyone had a great week.  This week for me has been pretty good not a whole lot of lessons taught but we contacted a good amount of people this week.  I'm hoping that they can turn into investigators and my companion and I can show them some real happiness haha!

One funny thing happened yesterday we were going through our ward list and seeing if all the inactive people in our ward still lived there.   We came to an old lady and she was saying how happy she was that we were doing this and she said we looked too young to be out working.  Then she just started to touch me and tap my face.  It was really weird! Then right as we were saying goodbye she grabbed my checks and shook them.  Once Elder Collins and I got around the corner we both just busted out laughing!  Our ward has 2000 members but only 50 or so come to church every week.  The Bishop has asked us to work on getting the less actives to come back to church. That has been our main focus for now.  

I am slowly gaining a love for Chile and for the people.   You can get anyone to tell you their life story if you really try.  I am so happy when I am able to talk to people.  Even the drunk ones haha!   We do try to avoid them because they won't remember anything we said the next day. 

The spirit is so strong in lessons especially ones about family.  For me I get a little chocked up over those ones. I miss mine a lot but I know that this is where I need to be. 

I love you guys all so much and hope you have a good week.
Elder Colby Eyre

This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Hey Family and Friends!

This week has been pretty good.  I am not going to lie it is still super rough for me but everyday gets a little bit better.   I am thinking like 5 months into this I will be loving my time out here.  Sometimes I think my entire life I have been waiting for this moment and holy cow now I'm actually in it!  It has already been two months.  It has been a long two months but I know soon the time will be flying. Change has always been hard for me but when I get settled in I know I'll  just be walking around teaching and preaching! 

Some fun things are happening though,  this fam wants me to make some french toast for them. I have never made it before so I hope it turns out!  

Last week I was SO sick, not fun.  I talked to the mission nurse because I was not getting any better.  She told me not to eat anymore carne for a little while.  She also told me I need yogurt for the probiotics.  It has been like 5 days into it and I feel a lot better.  I  just hope I don't get sick again!! Haha  

When my companion and I are out tracting most people say no which kinda sucks.   I wish my Spanish was better.  Everyone talks SO fast and I'm trying to adjust to that.  They also use the word "po" a ton.  It  has no meaning its just something they say here in Chile haha! 

We have this one family and they a
re nutz. There is this huge lady, she has one tooth that looks like its going to fall out and moves with her tongue haha haha. Just so you know our teeth are like the most beautiful things ever, so bush them often because teeth here are nasty!

I am reading in Alma right now its really good for what I am going through.  I  learn things everyday honestly I'm way behind in my scripture knowledge but I know I'm receiving help from God.   I just love Alma 26 its so good and it's  about missionaries like Ammon.   His missionary group had so many trials like going into prison, getting stoned,  just hard core things.  Then they always get lifted up and Ammon is talking and is so filled with JOY and I know that I will be able to have that too.  That makes me super happy!!!  My favorite scripture right now is in Alma 26:22   It's about repentance, faith, prayer and good works.  I just loved reading this and knew it was just for me this week.  I just need to get lost in the work and the spirit will help me. 

I will say I have been craving some of my moms cookies! haha Well I love all you guys the mish is legit I know you have to sacrifice to serve a mission.  Someone sent me a quote, I think my grandma,  that if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be a sacrifice.   That really helped me out this week.

I love all you guys.  I'm so excited next week is General Conference.  I am excited to hear the words of our prophets, I'm hoping I can listen in English haha!

Elder Colin Eyre

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