Chile Santiago East Mission

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 2

This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Santiago Chile MTC:

Colby and His Companion

Colby's Freshly Buzzed Head

  • He went to the Santiago temple this week
  • He misses Colin a ton and wishes they could be companions
  • This week was much better!
  • His favorite part of the day is running to the park and playing soccer
  • He leaves the Chile MTC for 2 hours on his Pday
  • He went to McDonald's

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in the Mexico City MTC:

      This week has been a lot better than last week, but still full of a lot of trials. I just need to understand that for me to be a good missionary, I need to be knocked down a little bit so I can get up and be stronger!

     This week has had a lot of laughs. To be honest, I try to work hard... but no way am I going to stay focused for like the 16 hours of the day that we are supposed to be working. Yesterday some people in my district (including me) were doing some service by cleaning off these mats in the cafeteria. We were spraying them down, and then all the sudden my companion rips of his shirt and starts running! It was so funny. I guess he had felt something pinching him, and he lifted up his shirt and a huge spider was biting him. Haha so freaky! Like I would have cried if it was me. There was a Latino worker right next to us on the phone, and he has no clue what was going on. My companion was just running around with his shirt off.

Colin and His Homies
Elder Miller, Elder Whimpy, Elder Desantes

     We have also playing a lot of sports. I can't really ball out any more, but we play speed revenge and its always way fun. It sucks that right when we are done playing we still have to go study for like a solid 5 or 6 more hours... but its all good and stuff. Today has been fun because we just get to chill. There is a huge fence surrounding the whole 92 acres that the MTC is on, so no bad homies can get in. I have always wondered what the other side looks like, because all I can see are the tops of  houses. I said to my companion- dude lets climb the fence. It was trippy because they say that they watch the fence all day with cameras, and I didn't want to get in trouble. There were just Latino MTC workers looking at us, but we did it anyway. I wonder what the people outside the fence thought when 2 guys were just looking over the fence. They probably think were locked in here, but in reality we kinda are haha rough life.

Colin and His Companion Elder Miller Climbing The Fence

     On a serious note we have watched a lot of videos on being converted to the church, and not just having a testimony. I really need to do this, because when I'm sitting in front of a real investigator, I need to have 100% faith that its true. That way I can look them in the eye and bare my testimony, and let the spirit work though me to convert the person. It's actually really hard.

     Earlier this week we were sitting in a room with our zone (haha still weird I'm the zone leader with my companion). This kid from Timpview (Elder Gergory) said that his bishop asked him a question before he left. The question was, how do you think the church is still running when we have a bunch of 18 year old´s trying to bare their testimony's? A lot of them barely even know the language that there speaking. If you think about it the church would have been gone a long time ago if it wasn't true, because the kids would have just ruined it. It is still running because its not the kids teaching its the spirit. This really touched my heart because when I thought about it, it totally made sense to me. Like really the church would not be running if it wasn't the spirit teaching.

     I want to shout out my parents for sending me packages! The Gatorade is on point! I love them, and all the other weird stuff in the packages make me laugh. I miss everyone so much and I always appreciate the emails, they make my day. Tuesdays are the bomb. Thanks for the prayers I can feel them and it comforts me.

Love, Elder Eyre

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