Chile Santiago East Mission

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week 3

This week from Elder Colby Eyre in the Santiago Chile MTC:

     Hey guys. Sorry I've been terrible on writing a weekly email.

     The MTC has been pretty good for me.  The MTC is really small down here, but its great because on P day we get to go out on the streets and do really what ever we want. A really great plus for this MTC is they do your laundry so that was pretty awesome to find out when I got here.

     My companion Elder Buhler is pretty cool. At first I was a little nervous with him because he is really shy, but over these past three weeks I have really grown to like him and get along with him pretty well. He is from Springville, Utah and ran cross country in high school.

     The food is alright down here its sort of the same thing everyday but its gets me through the day so I'm okay with it.  At first the MTC was really hard for me but everyday it gets better. You feel the spirit everyday and that is really comforting.  We teach investigators that are teachers acting as investigators, which is really awesome because you learn a lot from it. Haha its sort of a struggle for me because they will only speak Spanish, but its okay you just have to laugh about it sometimes. Well my time is almost up I miss and love all of you! Have a great week.

Elder Eyre

This week from Elder Colin Eyre in the Mexico City MTC:

     This week has been a pretty cool.  I had a lot of firsts - like first time getting sick. Turns out Mexicans put a lot of germs in their food. My companion also got sick so I gave him my first blessing. Haha I really need to memorize how to give a blessing because I needed help like every 3 words at the beginning of the blessing.

      I got to go out of the huge MTC box that we are in. We went to the Mexico City temple and that was awesome to be there, I loved it so much. The temple to me is kinda like my home back in Draper. It makes me feel good because it is so peaceful and just a lot of love is in there. I really like that it is also just like my home so I love the temple so much.

    There were also a lot of funny things that happened hahahaha. So we do one hour a day of Spanish studying on the computers and its really hard not to email my fam during this time haha. Anyway, were working on the computers and we had been doing it for like 30 minutes, and then 3 girls came and sat by me. They started to study and then there is this one kinda nerdy kid in my district named Elder Durling he is so funny. I love him with all my heart hahaha. So I'm just sitting there, and then all the sudden I hear Elder Eyre whispered to me, and I turn around and Elder Durling has his note book opened to the page that said SLAY IT!!! Hahaha so it was way hilarious. I look around and my teacher that was right next to me looked turned around also and so she also saw the page saying SLAY IT!! She just was like "Durling get back to your seat."  It was just soo funny I laughed sooo hard. If you knew who this Durling kid is you would laugh your head off too! Maybe things are just more funny because I'm a missionary and the jokes are not as good ha.

     My Spanish is getting better. I am kind of able to share my feeling during a lesson. I know the investigators are using super simple Spanish, so my Spanish probably isn't making any sense to the person I am speaking to. Haha but its all good. I will walk it off. I feel like my Spanish improves a little each week and this just makes me happy. I love it a lot.

    Something that really made my week, was yesterday my companion and I were fasting. I decided I wanted to fast because I feel like my testimony isn't strong enough. I want to be able to be in front of people and bare testimony that i truly know this church is true. We were fasting a full 24 hours, and the fast ended once dinner hit. So at 6:00 I got a letter that I had a package, so I went and picked it up. It ended up being some way good donuts and ear plugs! People in my casa snore louder than a gun shot. I'm surprised it doesn't wake up people in casas that are around ours haha. It was just so cool that while I was fasting I got donuts. It made me happy to know people back home were thinking about me!!! That was definitely something that comforted me. I love packages so much unless they are filled with healthy stuff. Even though I'm loosing weight in the MTC doesn't mean I want healthy chips that taste like air haha. Mexican stuff just isn't up to the American standards!! Either way I love it so much!!

     I heard a quote that really touched my heart this week. I don't have the quote written down, but it meant a lot to me. I think it said something along the lines of "there are feet to be steady, hands to be held and lives to be saved, are you doing all you can?" There were a few extra lines in the quote, but one of the reasons I am here is because my Dad told me that there are people somewhere in the world that need my help and I'm the only one that can get in their house. After seeing this quote it just made me think I need to work hard because there really are people that want to know what will happen to their lives after we all die. Or maybe they feel they're missing a little something in their lives and maybe those people will only let me in their house. I need to study harder so I can be prepared for those situations. I hope life is good in Draper its a great place. Love you all gotta go.

Elder Eyre

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