Chile Santiago East Mission

Friday, November 13, 2015


This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:
Hey guys the work is going pretty good in Chile.  The highlight of my week was definitely getting the chance to see the Lanhams. It was so awesome to see them and talk to them.  It was also weird seeing familiar faces, I loved it!!!  I sent a picture of my lunch on Pday.  Trevor wanted to take us to a nice dinner but we ran out of time.  He insisted my comp and I have a nice lunch on P-day so thanks Trevor for the sweet sushi lunch.   

I have been a bit discouraged with our investigators.  We have been teaching the Diaz family and they want to get baptized and even set a date.  Then they don't show up for church on Sundays!   

Elder Eyre and Elder Collins with Lanhams

Yesterday we went and taught a new investigator he was very interested.  We have invited him to church as well so please pray he comes to church on Sunday.  Somehow we need to figure out how to get these people to church! Haha

All is well here.  It is just starting to warm up which seems weird that its snowing in Utah! 

I hope everyone has the best week.
Elder Colby Eyre
 Sushi Dinner thanks to the Lanhams! 
 A view of Santiago 

Huge spider Colby found in his apartment

This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week has been great.  I mean I saw Trevor and Tanner Lanham best surprise ever neighbors from the good ole U. S of A!!!  When I saw them I was literally speechless! Trevor left me with an awesome pep talk that got me all fired up for the mish.  I just really hope that Colby receives the same blessing I did and is able to see Trevor and Tanner.   

We also had our first baptism this week.  I wasn't actually able to perform the baptism, they prefer the ward members to do it if possible.  So my bro Anthony was baptized and it was super spiritual and super cool!  After the baptism we were watching a mormon message that I just loved.  If you can, watch it.  It's called Flecks of Gold.  It was the one about the olden times of the California Gold Rush.  Anyways this guy has a tiny gold nugget but he decides he wants more.  He sells all his stuff and heads to California.  He becomes so ticked after finding nothing and is ready to give up.  Then this old dude comes by and says you are searching the wrong way.  He shows him a rock with several flecks of gold.  The man thinks collecting the flecks is just a waste of his time.  Then the old dude opens up his pouch and it is just chuck full of beautiful flecks of gold.  This exact thing can be compared to our lives.  I have searched many times for that huge big rock of gold saying the church is true or some grand impression.  For me that was the wrong way to look.  Just like Alma taught his son Helaman, small and simple things are brought to pass.  Everyday here I am finding little particles of the gospel.  Everyday I am filling my bag.  By the end of the mish I will have a bag filled just like that old dude with no rocks! Haha  
Anthony's Baptism 

Colin's Zone

My testimony is growing on the mission and I'm so grateful for this.  I love this gospel and whats in it.  At times the mission can be hard and there have been times I've wanted to quit but my dad taught me not to give up.  I just keep filling my bag.  In times of trial I know God will lift us up.

Tonight I'm making french toast with a family how cool is that!  Life is good here.   A big shout out to the fam for sending me christmas stuff now I have a christmas tree for my presents and I can measure my food better with my new measuring cups! Haha 

Love you all, 
Elder Colin Eyre

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