Chile Santiago East Mission

Monday, November 9, 2015


This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week was good except for Halloween.  Halloween was a little hard seeing all the little kids and their costumes made me miss the family and then on top of that both our appointments fell through so I was a little down.  It is all good now!  

An update on the Diaz family:  We have been teaching them but we told them how important it was for them to come to church.  They promised they would be there no matter what.  Then they were a no show.   The went to the beach for the weekend.  So please send prayers our way to those we teach!

My comp, Elder Collins shared a great talk with me this week by Brad Wilcox called His Grace is Sufficient.  It is awesome I could listen to it a million times over and still learn stuff.   It is about the atonement and at the end it talks about God's grace being sufficient.  It is enough.  It is all we need.  He says don't quit and to keep trying.  He says to seek Christ and as we do we will feel his enabling power.  

Last P-day we went bowling is was really fun Haha!  Shout out to my friends back home Ashley, Max, Anthony, Kellbell and Jensen for getting his call to West Virginia thats way cool! I would say Chan Man also but he's only a few hours away from me in Chile haha!

Love you all so much have a great week.
Elder Colby Eyre

This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Holyyy smokes this week has been crazy!   My comp Elder Diaz plays a version of the guitar a charango.  Our mission president wants him to play for the missionary Christmas program.  So we got called to go to the mission home which is super rare.  Anyways I got to go along on Wednesday because thats what companions do!  We were about to leave when Hermana Diaz invited us to have empanadas with her entire family which included our mission president!   There were parents, grandparents, kids and grandkids.  When we were getting ready to leave my comp says hey can we leave your family with a message.  Of course they said yes!  Then Elder Diaz  looks at me to share the message.  I was like shoot..... so I go get my scriptures and I was in a room all by myself just looking through them thinking what the heck am I going to share.  I was so nervous to give a message to my mission pres. and his whole fam!  I say a little prayer and choose a scripture in 1 Nephi Chapter 15.  It is all about prayer and having faith.  I was SO scared but I did it and in Spanish!  Then they invited us back for lunch today so we had lunch with them today!  It was so awesome just us and the mission president and his family.  It was also really fun because the kids speak a little bit of English so they kept wanting to speak to me in English.   It was such a great experience that doesn't normally happen and a great way to invite the spirit in.  The entire family was just SO nice to us.  

I got my iPod this week which was the best thing of my life!  Never thought I would say that since it is full of Mormon messages, scriptures and MoTab so shout out to Mike for hookin me up fat!   I also got permission to share Mormon Messages with my iPod so thats sick! 

This week has been great I learned so much.  It is still hard to learn so much religion, a language and be in a foreign country all at the same time.  It is coming along  I know that the Lord helps us so much with everything that we do and when we pray we receive the Spirit and God only wants to help us we just have to search for it!

Love you all, 
Elder Colin Eyre

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