Chile Santiago East Mission

Thursday, October 15, 2015


This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey whats up everyone!

No need to answer that but man this week was actually pretty good. The missionary work is a little slow in my ward because we work so much with less actives.  Then on Friday night we got three people to commit to baptism.  It was so cool I loved it and it was in Spanish haha!  I don't know if what I said made sense but the word,  "si" came out of their mouths so I'm counting it. 

This morning my comp and I studied trials for a lesson tonight.  He shared with me a really cool scripture that I loved.  Its in 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 its awesome and comforting for any trial anyone is going though.  I know that everyone has trials in their lives but God is always there to help us.  It may be hard sometimes and we may feel alone but that is never true our Heavenly Father is always watching over us and is by our side. 

Well I hope you guys all have the best week ever. 

Love Elder Colby Eyre

This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Hello family and friends,

This week had it's ups and it's downs.  The ward is the best here I love them so much.  There are times when it is so hard to teach people and I like really want to quit but no rest for the missionaries haha!   This week a family made hamburgers for us.  Actually they were not that good but I love the family a ton so it didn't really matter.  That was super nice and actually the fries and bread were pretty good!  

I want you to know we are all so blessed back at home.  I was at the old bishop's house.  He speaks a little bit of English so I just love that.   His house has termites and they have just rallied his bathroom.  I asked him about it and why his bathroom was like that.   He said it was the termites but they don't have the money to fix it.  That just killed me and I felt so bad.  The amazing thing is he is so happy and positive I just love him. 

I found out that I will most likely be in my area for about 6 months so thats pretty cool because I like my area.   I think I'm going to get a new comp because my comp, Elder Diaz has been here for 6 months already.  One really cool thing is we have a baptismal date set for October 18th.  I sent a picture of us with Anthony in my last letter.  Anthony is just thirteen but super cool.  I think he loves us a little too much!  How neat is that, his name is Anthony the same as one of my best bros back home.  Shout out to my Bro Anthony love ya tons!  I hope everything follows through and he keeps the commandants.     
This week I was reading in Alma where they talk about the 2000 Nephites.   That really helped me this week because when they left their homes they were the same as me.  They never had gone into battle or left their homes.  But when they left, they left with faith and because of this they were protected.  I know they had hard times just like I have had hard times.  The Nephites kept going and charging forward and in the end they were delivered and none of them died.  I  know I can do the same thing.  There have been many times I want to quit but I say I know I can do this.  I just have to be like the Nephites and keep pushing forward.  Things can be hard but nothing can be too hard with God in our lives. I love you all!

Elder Colin Eyre

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