Chile Santiago East Mission

Friday, October 23, 2015


This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Well this week has been pretty good!   My companion and I taught a lesson yesterday about forgiveness.   I will finally admit that my mom was right when she said just forgive your brother and you'll be a lot happier haha!  I know that forgiveness is hard to give to other people sometimes but if we truly forgive a person we will be a lot happier.  Hey and that is what Heavenly Father would do anyway.
This past week we had a boat load of rain.  On one particular day it was just raining SO hard and all our plans fell through wouldn't you know it!  That seems to happen quite a bit.  Anyway we had no where to go and no one was on the streets to contact.  Everyone was inside like you normally would be in a rain storm!  We had no place to take cover so I just walked over to this house and called and called for them to come out.  Finally someone actually came out!  This guy came  to the door and was pretty cool.  He looked like a pretty sharp guy.  We asked him if we could share a message with him.  He said we only had five min!  Elder Collins and I went in and went to work and taught the first lesson.  Then he actually talked to us after the lesson and we stayed for about  45 min.  It was super cool when he said we could come back on Sunday.  I know that the spirit led me to that house.  It was such a great experience.  Pray it all goes well next Sunday!  
I love you guys all so much back home and hope you have the very best week.
Love Elder Colby Eyre

This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Hey so this week was better tons of things are happening.  Not going to lie, sometimes I'm still in the bathroom crying and wondering what the flight will be like on the way home haha!   Every week here gets better but it's still hard.
Elder Diaz and I were at this Grandpas house.  He speaks a little english and he is less active.  He invited us into his house and its actually pretty decent.  He is so kind and just wants to show us everything it was super funny.  He had this  huge garden with potatoes and all sorts of fruit in it.  It was super cool.  I told him my Grandpa and my Grandad are just like him with all the fruits and veggies haha!   He loved that and he loved showing me all his cool stuff.  Then we go back into his house and he gave us some fruit with cream.  This is like a classic dessert here and its pretty good.  Then he makes us some bread that is super good and then gives us some fruit thing to take home haha.  I love this guy he is legit.  I am finding out many people around here have worked on cruise ships.  That is why many know just a little bit of English.  This Grandpa was a chef on a cruise ship so his food is pretty good!  He also showed me a picture of his daughter and it looked like she was in St. George.  I asked him where the picture was taken and it was in St. George!   He has family there and his wife has lived there for the past six months. The families around here give us so much and they are all so nice.  Many times I feel so bad because I know they don't have a lot of money but they are always so happy to feed us.

I am getting along better with my companion.  Sometimes it is hard but for the most part he is super good to me and teaches me so much.  I wish I had the scripture knowledge that he has.  Elder Diaz has only been a member for four years!  I am like WOW  I definitely didn't pay enough attention during church and seminary!  My spanish is getting better with each week.  It is usually during serious times when I am put on the spot that I struggle the most with the language.  
One thing that was pretty cool for me this week was realizing that my heart is changing and I really need this right now.  I remember back to my first day in Viña.  It is pretty crazy their lunch is the biggest meal of the day.  They eat a lot at lunch and then not much the rest of the day.  I remember being at this ladys house and it was a cement shack.  I remember just thinking what the heck am I doing here.  I was SO homesick and this house just seemed disgusting to me.  I was miserable and I hated everything about that lunch.  So now almost six weeks later we return to this house for lunch!   It took me a few minutes to realize this is where I ate lunch that first day in the field.  The weirdest thing happened.   I honestly didn't think the house was crappy at all.  The house was actually kinda nice and the food was super good!  At that moment I realized that I'm slowly changing.  I'm not as judgmental.  These people don't have the money to give us food but they still make it happen.  I am so grateful for them and the sacrifice they make for the missionaries.  When you see how little they have it is hard for me not to feel really bad for them.  Anyways I just thought that was cool for me! 

I really hope I see my bro Chan Salad this week.  My companion could be changing.  They say you typically serve in this area for six months and Elder Diaz has been here for six months.  I also can't believe I have served for three months!  

Love you all and have a great week.  Thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Colin Eyre

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