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Thursday, December 3, 2015


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty good always full of ups and downs but more ups than downs so thats good! This week was cool Elder Diaz and I went to Concon bay twice which is sweet.  Concon is a beach town and it's super beautiful and sandy like everywhere.   It is in a rich area so we literally see like Ford Raptors and Porsche 911s  everywhere.  Sad thing the people are usually smoking in them.  Like best way to ruin a car haha! Tuesday we were there for intercambios (exchanges).  I was with Elder Horton one of my leaders de zona.   I loved it because we both like to adventure so he was really fun to talk too.  Elder Horton has just six months left so it was really good for me to talk to him.  I tried to learn a much as I could.  Then we were there Saturday to help the ward missionaries.  I was on splits with a guy in the ward.  He was super funny he told me he and his wife can't have kids so he is a gamer.  He had just purchased an Xbox and wondered if I knew anything about it!  If you know me you are laughing right about now!  Inside I was laughing so hard as he was talking to me about all his games.

One other funny thing, a lady in our ward just randomly was like hey I have two Smurfs for you.  She gives them to us and they are old and very used super funny haha!  Well one of the Smurfs was an angry one and the other was a happy one.  While she is handing them to us she says the mad one is for Elder Diaz and the happy one is for you Elder Eyre.  Inside I died laughing.  Elder Diaz is always telling me I need to be more serious!  

We had a few family nights this week which I love they always serve us great food and then we share scriptures with them.  This old Grandpa took one of my Book of Mormons, the ones we give out to people, and asked If I would write my testimony in it.  Turns our he wanted to give it to a friend that lives far away.  His friend wanted it with a missionaries testimony in it for protection.  That was super cool for me even though writing in Spanish is very hard for me. I did it I just hope he can read it!  

Everything is good I just continue to strengthen my testimony here and have a love for the gospel, for Chile and for the people.  Sometimes I'm like why the freak can't I be speaking Spanish in California and hit up a McDonalds and get a huge Poweraid haha!  Anyways all is good I know God has a path for me to complete my mission and just gotta keep holding onto that iron rod! 

Love ya guys tons you're all the best, 
Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week was pretty good besides the fact that I didn't get the usual Thanksgiving feast haha!  This past Sunday was awesome Elder Collins and I decided to fast with the intentions of getting our investigators to come to church.  Guess what happened?!?  Yup they came to church!  It was just amazing and we also had some less actives show up as well.  This experience was REALLY great for me and strengthened my testimony of fasting. Every week I have a pocket of Hi Chews for Martin and Vicente if they come to church.  I usually go home with a pocket full of Hi Chews, not this week, it was so awesome and made me so happy.   

Our ward boundaries changed and that is crazy my sector is huge now.  We now have lots and lots of walking to do.  

The best part of my week happened Monday, P-Day.  My comp and I went to the temple.  I noticed I was getting a bunch of weird looks and someone even called me Colin.  Turns out the ViƱa del Mar missionaries that were on their way home were at the temple with their mission president.  Afterwards I got to talk to all of them.  They all said how awesome Colin is and that they love him so much.  They told me Colin's companion is also an amazing missionary.  I took some pics with his president so that they can show Colin it was really fun.  

This next week I will be getting a new comp.  It is crazy it is already time for a change.  I will say my fasting experience was really just so awsome and such a testimony builder.  I know fasting can do micacles and I know next week is fast Sunday so you guys can all fast for something.  I really encourage you guys to do it and do it with real intentions and with all your heart.  I know that our prayers will be answered.

I love you guys all so much have a great week.
Elder Colby Eyre

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