Chile Santiago East Mission

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 21

This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:


The  past three days we had this musical missionary program going on.  There were about twenty of the two hundred missionaries from my mission in the program.  It was on the beach right in Vina del Mar.  We aren’t allowed on the beach but were for this event.  Everything was so beautiful.  Members were encouraged to bring investigators each night. My ticket was for Saturday night and I was so disappointed that Chandler was not there.  I did have an awesome time though.  My first companion, Elder Miller was there and I just love him we talked during most of the concert.  On our drive home that night we were  going through the real touristy areas and all I can say is it was just so sick!  The city life here in Vina is so pretty. Then on Sunday we got a call from some members that had extra tickets for us for Sunday nights performance.  I was thinking I really hope I run into Chan Man.  I’m sitting down and looking all around the concert.  There he is!  I see Chandler at the top of the stands.  I just freaked out, left my comp and ran up to Chandler.  When he saw me he just freaked out!  We were both SO happy.  We talked the rest of the night.  That night when I got home I felt so much warmth in my heart.  All I could do was pray and say thank you to Heavenly Father and let him know how grateful I was that he helped me find one of my best friends.  I know that God is watching out for me and always has my back!

This week was fun we ran into this drunk guy and he stopped before we got to him and closed his eyes. We were like hola como esta and he was just like freaking out.  We wanted to visit his house but he said no we are to special to go to his house and then he touched our faces and told us how beautiful we were.  I think drunk people can see our light.  When we went to leave (we were in a dangerous area of our sector) he was like go wherever you please cuz God is watching out for you.  It was funny but also cool that some drunk guy was saying that!  

Life is good I have hard moments but I just keep pushing forward.  God is there for me.  My love for the Book of Mormon grows every week.  I wish I could just talk about it all day cuz there are some real cool stories in it. I know that God can change people it just takes time!

Anyways love you all tons have Merry Christmas!

With much love Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys its Elder Eyre!

Nothing too crazy happened this week.  What has been really great is reading about the Saviors birth and what he has done for us everyday this month. My awesome Mom sent me an advent calendar with some letters from my fam for everyday this month.  Each day I have also been able to read a passage of scripture about the Saviors birth or something the Savior did.  This has been SO great to learn about and I love it SO much.  Here’s a shout out to everyone who wrote me a letter, I love you.  Only three days left and I get to talk to my family!  I love you all so much have the best week.  My pic this week is one of my homies down here in Santiago.

Love you guys,
Elder Colby Eyre 

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