Chile Santiago East Mission

Sunday, March 13, 2016


This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week was pretty good we still have the awesome dogs following us all around.  They sit and wait for us outside when we go to investigators homes to teach lessons.  Everyone says that its because they can see the goodness in us... haha!  They are becoming much more annoying than funny. 

This week has been pretty good we've been working hard and doing lots of contacting so we can find more people to bring to Christ. The mission is such a blessing in my life.  I can't believe how much I have learned in the past 7 months.  I am truly grateful for this opportunity.  

I'd say our most promising investigator is Cloudia.  She is awesome and I feel like she is pretty close to baptism.  Everyone pray for her! 

This week I have been reading in the Book of Mormon in Alma.  Captain Moroni fought many sweet battles but there is a part where Captain Moroni talks about the Lamanites not being able to destroy their faith in Jesus Christ and that God would continue to help the Nephites as long as they are faithful.  We can apply this to our lives and as we continue to be faithful Heavenly Father will bless us.  In James 2:17-18 we read, "Faith without work is dead" this is one of my favorite quotes.  I've gained such a strong testimony of that and I can say without a doubt so true.  So many investigators will say, "Ohh I've got so much faith."   but then they are not willing to do any work!  Then there are the people I see doing the work and I can see them growing so much and receiving so many blessings.

Love all you guys back home have a great week!
Elder Colby Eyre
This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty sweet we were able to find eleven new investigators thats a lot.  Normally we find three or four a week.  A few of them are families so I'm happy about that.  Elder Pan and I just go to work everyday.  He is really funny so we have a great time together!

Yesterday Elder Pan read me his journal entry from his first day in the mish.  Elder Pan went to the Chile MTC and I went to the Mexico MTC.  It just so happens that he roomed with my bro Colby while he was there!  So this is what his journal said, "There are four people in this room one is Elder Eyre he is pretty cool he has a twin brother in the ViƱa del Mar mission where I will be going.  I wonder if I will ever be able to meet him?"  Now here we are companions in the mission it's pretty sweet! Funny thing is it's the first time I literally have to stand up for the mission rules because my comp isn't always perfect with them which kinda blows.  We are both a little more relaxed but I know we will soon be master teachers so thats dope. 

I feel like my Spanish is really coming along.  It's weird to think that how far I have come with it in the last 7 months.  Oh how I would love to go to my Spanish teacher who gave me a D- and start speaking really fast Chilean Spanish and see if he understands!  Haha  

This week was pretty fun Elder Pan and I are always doing funny things we found a huge tarantula walking in the streets we kinda killed it.... yesterday we went back and found it and put it in a bag.  I really hope my comp doesn't pull any pranks with it cuz I hate spiders!  

We are still teaching that older lady and her family.  She is the one who asked if we had been praying for her and her knee.  We really have been praying for her and her family everyday.  We pray that our lessons go well and also that they will come to church on Sunday.  I know Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and I love him so much.  I know we just have to keep our eyes open to see the many working miracles in our lives.  Thanks for all the prayers.  I love everyone back home so much you guys are the best I'm always praying for good old Utah!

Elder Colin Eyre

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