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Saturday, March 5, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Got a new Comp his name is . . .  Elder PAN, which means bread in Spanish so its like the new joke of the ward because they have so much bread here.  Elder Pan came into the mission the same time I did.  The crazy thing is he was in the same dorm as Colby in the Santiago MTC so he knows my bro pretty well!  Elder Pan is from Spain which is so sick, and he is just awesome. 

A crazy story, my very first day in Chile we had to get off the bus in the middle of Viña and find the mission home and also give a Book of Mormon out on the way.  At this crazy and very hard moment in my life I was with Elder Pan.  He kinda knew English so he helped me so much.  Six months ago I remember being with him and it was so weird because for the first time in my entire life I felt like I knew him before our missions.  His face was so familiar and honestly it was like I knew him in heaven.  I remember so vividly on my first change talking with my comp, Elder Miller and telling him that there were a few people here that I felt like I met a very long time ago and Elder Pan was one of those individuals.  I just knew that one day we would be companions and here we are!  The Lord does work in mysterious ways. 

I love it here we're just trying to work really hard and get a lot of lessons in together.  I have learned that I definitely need to work on my lessons and teaching people.  Example, yesterday somehow we totally got off track in a lesson and this lady was like well I hate your rules and how you can't hug girls.  She thinks its rude because a hug and a kiss on the cheek here in Chile is part of the culture.  Obviously we can't do that haha.  That is what I need to practice during my lessons because if I were a master at teaching the lessons I would have never gotten her off track!  My goal for the week is to be better at teaching.  

Yesterday the coolest thing happened.  We taught this family of four and it was such a good lesson.  We had planned to teach them again but Sunday the mother saw us after church and waved us down.  Then she says, " Hey guys were you praying for me because I had problems with my knee all week and then after your lesson my knee didn't hurt at all!"  I was like holyyy cowww uhhhhh YES we prayed for you!  It was pretty funny but this could be a miracle for her and the beginning of her wanting to get baptized and growing a strong testimony of the gospel.  You never know!   

Love you all at home,
Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week has been pretty good!  Being a trainer and the opportunity to train someone can be stressful but its also a huge blessing.  I'm learning so much and when it comes down to making an important decision I can't just look at my comp haha.  He looks to me!  

The closest person we have to baptism is a girl named Claudia.   She's super awesome and is the girlfriend of a less active member.  She really has the desires to be baptized and its been great teaching her.   You can always feel the spirit so strong during the lessons.  

On a funny note, we've had these dogs follow us around to every lesson.  At first it was pretty funny to have them wait outside of each house for us.  Now it is beginning to be a little annoying.  Currently as I am writing this I can see the dogs waiting for us to come out!  Haha pretty crazy. 

I love you all and really appreciate the weekly prayers.  I know Heavenly Father listens to each one of them.
Elder Colby Eyre

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