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Friday, January 29, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty sweet!  We had this World Wide Missionary Meeting that all missionaries everywhere got to see.   We all watched it at the same time so that was pretty great.  We had some head missionary leaders in the church speak and some apostles.  My favorite was with Elder Bednar.   They did like a question and answer thing and all the missionaries had iPads.  I was like holy smokes I haven't used one of those in months, so lucky for them haha! Anyway Elder Bednar would have the missionaries turn to different scriptures on the iPad.   He would say ok, turn to D&C chapter blah blah blah and because they had iPads they could do it SO fast.  I couldn't keep up with them.   I still learned so much.  They talked about baptism and converts.  I know in my ward there are about 1000 members but only 80 or so that come to church each week.  I am pretty sure thats not good.  Even though its really cool to baptize we need to make sure they people are doing it for the right reasons and help them get off to a good start.  We are having a big push on working with the less actives as well. I know that with hard work we can help the people come unto Christ.  We have to help them learn to have faith and keep pushing along in the gospel.  

I also saw my homie Chan today.  We see each other three days a week which is so awesome.  We just talk all the time and I'm super greatful for him.  He taught me a sweet way to teach  lesson 2 The Plan of Salvation.  I'm definatly going to do a noche de hogar con mi familia when I get home and teach the same lesson cuz its sweet.     

We have this kid thats planning to be baptized next week his name is Remijeo.  He is pretty cool he is fifteen years old.  He is amazing he is so young and just wants to Come unto Christ.  It is cool because Elder Silva and I had fasted that we would be able to find someone that was searching for the gospel.  We found Remijeo that same day.  That sure was a testimony builder for me!  I know God works through miracles and I can have success if I am always working hard.  I'm greatful for what I have and I'm so blessed to have my family.  When I think of them it brings a big smile to my face.  I know that when we are tired but just keep doing the work that is when the miracles happen!  Thanks for all the love and prayers.  Enjoy the snow, I sure miss being on the slopes Haha but the Lords work it better. :) 

Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

This week has been pretty good!  We've had lots of meetings this past week.  We had an area Seventy come talk to us and that was super awesome.  He talked a lot about just working hard and inviting everyone especially less actives to come unto Christ.  It was really a great motivator, I loved it.  

I guess its a vacation time in Chile right now and lots of people are gone.  Many of the people we are teaching are gone.  We did find a girl named Claudia shes a girlfriend of a less active.  We took her on a tour of the temple grounds a few weeks ago.   I know that was a great experience for her and we all felt the spirit.   She has set a date to be baptized on February 20th so that is really exciting.  We had also been teaching a girl named Cynthia and she seemed so interested.  Well this past two weeks we just haven't been able to get  ahold of her.  Elder Aguirre and I were really disappointed because we felt she had come so far with the lessons and wanted to be baptized.  Keep praying for her  I know one day she will be baptized.  

Nothing too crazy has happened.  I'm just doing some missionary work over here in Chile haha!  I know this is where I should be and I am learning so much.  Enjoy that Utah snow because it's freaking hot here!  Have a great week!

I love you all,
Elder Colby Eyre 

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