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Saturday, April 2, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Easter Sunday was dope but its not that big in Chile. The kids do have fun with it so I had a bunch of chocolate for the kids and was loaded with it on Easter Sunday.  The best part was sharing it with my comp, Elder Pan!!!  It is so nice to have a comp thats also your friend.

On Sunday we woke up and I hurried and made German pancakes, they were so good!  After I read the solid family letter that I had received in my Easter package so thanks fam!  I started crying reading it cuz I just love my fam so much but it was so weird I just hurried and started praying for comfort.  I didn't want to be sad all day so I did the normal start to my prayers.  I was saying all the things I was grateful for and then asked for a boat load of comfort to not be homesick.  Then in my prayer I started to think about Jesus' sacrifice for us and my mind changed so quickly it was awesome.  It just made me really grateful for what Jesus Christ has done for everyone of us.  That we actaully can return back to our loving Heavenly Father through his atoning sacrifice.  To think about the pain he felt for each one of us just made me fell super appreciative that someone has that much love for all of us.  I loved it so much!

After my prayer I brought the Eyre Easter Egg Hunt to Chile.  Well to my comp anyway! I hid like ten bucks in plastic eggs around the apartment.  I hid them in way good spots like the oven and water heater haha!!  Then I told him to go and told him he had three minutes to find them.  I don't think he has ever been on an Easter egg hunt!  I had to give him a ton of pointers.  It was so funny I was laughing SO hard.  They really weren't that hard to see and he just had such a hard time.  In the end he found 3 of the 4 eggs.  I called time right before he set his hand on the last egg.  I was like noooo times up haha!!!  It was so awesome to do that and we were both so happy for the rest of the day!

 The rest of the week was good we had Zone Conferences and the Mish Pres. was watching over my shoulder during lesson practices.  I was so nervous I didn't want to screw up!  In the end it was prefect and after when I gave him a hug good bye he told me good job!  That was cool and gave me a great boost of confidence in my lesson teachings.

Anyways I'm sick of writing so everyone have a good week!  I love Utah its got the best snow on earth and enjoy and listen to conference this week! I love you all peace out thanks for the prayers!

Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week has been pretty good.

We had to change the date of Claudia's baptism because of some health issues that she had this week but she still wants to be baptized.  Hopefully that will be in the near future.

We have two other people that have accepted baptism dates and they are awesome! The first is Ivory, he is 14 years old and already has such a strong testimony!  The second is Veronica we've been teaching her for a while but this last week we went into the lesson planning to ask her if she would commit to baptism.  I was a little scared that she would freak out but she took it all in and accepted to be baptized!!!  After I was like that was awesome!  Sometimes you just need to be straight forward with people and then the spirit will do the rest and testify to them that what they are learning is TRUE!    It is so neat to see how the spirit can work with people. I have seen the lives of so many change through this gospel and with the spirit.  I know the gospel is true and if we let it, it can change our lives! I hope everyone had a great easter! love you all!

Elder Colby Eyre

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