Chile Santiago East Mission

Sunday, August 7, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

Hey Hey Hey! It's pretty good up here in ghetto Park City (Salamanca).  I am loving my new area.

I was a little bummed because we almost had a baptism with Janira this past Saturday but it fell through so hopefully next Saturday will work for her. I really do see miracles in the mission. Janira was sharing her experience with us to a friend.  This friend happens to be a member and Janira was sharing with her how happy she has been and the things she is learning about the gospel and that she wants to share that with others!  It makes her so happy and I know that this is just a miracle.  Janira has completely changed and its pretty cool to see!

Anyways this week nothing too crazy happened.  We have been teaching a lot of people which is great.  The guy we baptized last week just got the Aaronic Priesthood and it's awesome because next week he will bless the sacrament.  It's so cool to see him progressing in the church!  I just want others to have this same happiness! The truth is when members help the missionaries the baptisms just start coming.  Working with the members the investigators are able to see first hand what makes us all so happy.

I hope that everyone can just be an example and invite someone to church and see the miracles that Heavenly Father will bring to our lives and others!

I love everyone so much and hope everyone has an incredible semana!

Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

This week was a pretty boring week on the mission.  My comp hurt his knee this last Tuesday playing soccer.  We have been in the pension the entire week.  You might be thinking that sounds nice and relaxing but as a missionary there is not a whole lot we can do.  So for about a week all I have done is read the scriptures and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!  Yep that's mostly what I did!!  The only fun I had was making dozens and dozens of cookies.  My mom sent me her cookie recipe and brown sugar and chocolate chips so that was awesome.  They were SO good, not as good as my moms but pretty good!

The other thing I did that was pretty cool was with all the extra time I've had I decided to go back and read my mission journals from the beginning.  It was pretty cool to see all of the progress I have made this past year.  I have learned so much and my testimony has grown.  It also makes me really happy for all of the progress that I will make in the future.

Thanks to everyone I love all of you and don't forget to soak up some rays for me - because there aren't any rays here right now haha!  Have and awesome week!
Elder Colby Eyre

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