Chile Santiago East Mission

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty sweet!  First it was awesome to be with my companion, Elder Arias because last tuesday was his birthday so I made it real special cuz sometimes it can be hard out here with out the family and so we ate a bunch of junk food and we had two birthday cakes during the day haha! It was cool and I think he was pretty happy because after he told me he had never had a birthday like that in his life so it was cool! We also had changes this week and I'm staying here in Salamanca with my companion so we can still help some people out together!

Last Sunday I had been praying that we could see some miracles during the day and a family that we have been working with finally came to church!  It just made me sooo happy and now they can start to progress.  The parents aren't married but they are going to get married the 6th of december and it just made me so happy!  

Sunday night we had set up a meeting with a guy that is twenty five and he is the kid of one of our old investigators and we taught him a lesson.  The lesson went so well and it was time to go home and I was like hey we gotta go and we was just like okay but I want to tell you guys something.  Then he told us that lately in his life he had been passing through hard times and he said he just needed a guide in his life.  He said the he wants someone to help him be happier and he was just like so I want to thank you guys so much for coming over.  It made me soooo happy and my comp and I were just walking home like almost crying!!! 

Today we were walking into the church to play ping pong haha cuz in Chile in every church they have a ping pong table.  We go to open the gate and this old guy wanted to talk to us.  It ends up that he lives very far away and he cant come to church.  Well he wanted to pay his tithing and I was just astonished at what he said.  It was such a privilege to be able to see how happy he was to pay his tithing.  I know he will be blessed for what he is doing and the sacrifice he is making.

Life is good in Chile.  I am happy with my comp.  I hope all is well in Utah and you guys can enjoy Thanksgiving!  

Love ya guys a ton peace out:)
Elder Colin Eyre

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week has been pretty good here in Chile.  It's super hot but its still great being able to preach the gospel and get a tan at the same time haha kidding!

This Sunday I had the pleasure of giving another talk in sacrament meeting and being able to teach the Elder's Quorum class.  It was a lot but I studied for both of them and they turned out pretty good and I was happy.  When it was over I was thinking that before my mission if you were to ask me to do that I would probably have peed my  pants haha!  When I got up to talk and when I taught the class I could really feel that I was super calm and I know that has definitely come from the mission.  It made me super happy to think of all the progress I have made and it was in Spanish too!

I've really grown to love the gospel and even when we are pushed super hard and we're struggling I know that at the end we grow a lot and I'm thankful for the opportunity that I've been given.

Thanks everyone back home I love you all have a great week!
Elder Colby Eyre

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