Chile Santiago East Mission

Sunday, December 11, 2016


This Week From Elder Colin Eyre in Vina del Mar Chile:

This week was pretty good.  So much has happened but we saw a huge miracle with a family we have been teaching this week.  We had a Stake Conference in a place called Los Vilos and its like 2 hours from my sector.  I did not expect this family to show up for it.  The whole family showed up and went with our small branch to Los Vilos for the conference.  That was a miracle and and I just loved it so much!

We are also teaching a guy named Oscar.  He is just gold and is looking for direction in his life.  He is so interested to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It truly is so cool how the Lord prepares people to learn more about the gospel and I know that he can help each and everyone of us in our own personal lives as well :)
Anyways, I hope life is good in the U.S.A!  Currently I'm wearing USA socks and I think people are staring at me weird cuz of them hahaha but I don't care:)
Elder Colin Eyre

Love ya guys have a good week:)

This Week From Elder Colby Eyre in Santiago Chile:

Hey guys this week has been pretty good. I definitely missed out on a solid Thanksgiving again here in Chile.  I guess they aren't very thankful... kidding!  Last year I was pretty bummed when I realized it was an American holiday, so this year I decided to cook a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!

It was super awesome because this week we got to have a meeting with our mission president, President Morgan.  It was at his house and it was super awesome because he always teaches us pretty simple things about the gospel.  Sometimes we forget about the basics or just over complicate things.  He also talked to us about our testimonies.  As missionaries we sometimes try and make this super long perfect testimony.  Well that isn't what it is about.  We should be more focused on what comes from the heart.  When we bare our testimonies from the heart they may be simple or long but when it is from the heart it will be more meaningful to us and to the person receiving it.  Often the small and simple testimonies from the heart are the strongest :).

Thanks everyone back home so much for supporting me.  I love ya guys so much have an awsome weeK!
Elder Colby Eyre

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